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Best of the York TCA meet. April, 2006

First Place – The O gauge Z-Stuff signals with built in sensors on display in the Orange Hall. What a great idea! And what an effective use of technology to make a difficult task incredibly easy. And the prices seemed right. These guys are going to make a fortune off these things! And they deserve it.
OGR Forum

"The highway signals in the two grade crossing sets from Z-Stuff for Trains look as close to true O-scale as any such models I've encountered...will look great on any layout...and I have no hesitation in heartily endorsing them..."
Tony English, O-Gauge Magazine

"Z right stuff - Z-Stuff for Trains has put it all together - O scale size crossing gates or signals and infrared technology - all in one box. The Z-Stuff for Trains crossing sets made a big impression on the CTT staff. Big enough that I'll let you in on a secret: the crossing gate set made our list of the best toy train products for under $100."
Neil Besougloff, Classic Toy Trains

"Z-Stuff for Trains switch machine a marvel...along comes Dennis Zander of Z-Stuff for Trains and raises the ante a little. It is just about as thick in profile as a pencil, and it has a shorter, much more durable plastic body than the Atlas switch machine. I saved the best till last. You get the switch machine, the mounting hardware, the wire and the dual electrical panel button with one additional little feature: both the switch machine and the panel button have lights! …actually...light emitting diodes...even better than bulbs."
Jim Barrett, O-Gauge Magazine


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smart signals
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