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DZ-1240 Auto Stop & Reverse Module

Gauge: Any

 DZ-1260 Water Tower Animator

Add automatic reversing and animation to a layout or display. The DZ-1240 Auto Stop & Reverse Module automatically senses trains with e-units at the end of the line and reverses them after a time delay. Trains can also be stopped and started automatically along the route without using sensors or isolated rails. Controls AC engines/trolleys with an e-unit or DC powered engines or trolleys.

  • Controls Engines or Trolley's with E-units or DC powered
  • Contols a point-to-point or loop of track
  • No need for midpoint sensors or isolated rails
  • Endpoint Sensors can be isolated 3rd rail, DZ-1205, or one of our trackside signals
  • Selectable time delay 5 - 45 sec.
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