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DZ-1220 Trolley Stop & Control Announcement System

Gauge: Any

 DZ-1220 Trolley Stop & Control Announcement System

The announcements are easy to set up - the system talks you through it!


City streets come to life with this fun accessory designed specifically for mass transit equipment even if your trolley doesn't have sound. Records up to 10 custom stop announcements, and sounds the classic "clang-clang" of a trolley bell or a "doors closing" warning. The system also senses train direction and adjusts the announcement to indicate the next stop. A speaker is included.


• Works with AC controlled trolleys, streetcars and transit systems, even if they don't have sound
• Compatible with trolley loop or point-to-point layouts
• Authentic CLANG CLANG sound at stops
• Allows announcements to be specific to your layout
• Uses sensors (isolated rail), timing, or push-button selected stops
• Automatic release at each stop and at end of the line
• Automatically stops & reverses at the end of the line



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