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Here are ways you can use Z-Stuff products to make operation of your layout more fun:

DZ-1000 Wiring for Non-Derailing Operation
DZ-1000 Wiring for Non-Derailing Without Flicker
DZ-1000 & IC Controls ASC3000
DZ-1000 used with Lionel SC1
DZ-1000 used with Lionel SC-2
DZ-1000 with Ross Double Crossover
DZ-1000 used with SC-2 and Resistors
DZ-1000 Momentary SW and LED Control

DZ-1000 & 1008 Non-Derailing Op. with DZ-1008 Track Pwr Cntrl
DZ-1000 Non-Derailing Wiring Cntrl with DZ-1011 & DZ-1008
DZ-1000 use with MTH's AIU
DZ-1000 Under Table Mount
DZ-1000 & 1008 Alternate Train Control
DZ-1000 Single Push-Button Yard Control
DZ-1008 Lamp Control for DZ-1000

DZ-1002 Use in Panel Layout
Switched Power Control with DZ-1008
MTH Crossing Gate Control with DZ-1011 & DZ-1008
MTH Dwarf Signal Control with DZ-1011 & DZ-1008
DZ-1008 with DZ-1000 used as a Latch
DZ-1011 Panel Indicator Control
DZ-1011/DZ-1008 Control of Lionel Mainline Crossing Gate

DZ-1011 & 1008 for Lionel Crossing Gate
DZ-1011 & 1008 Circuit 1
DZ-1011 & 1008 Circuit - switch position held
DZ-1011 & 1008 Circuit - MTH Crossing Gate
DZ-1011 & 1008 Circuit - Wiring for MTH Dwarf
DZ-1011 & 1008 Circuit - Wiring for Lionel Semaphore
DZ-1011 & 1008 Circuit - Wiring for Lionel Mainline Gate
DZ-1011 & 1008 Circuit - Wiring for Lionel Crossing Gate
DZ-1011 Iso-rail Circuit

DZ-1008 & 1011 Block Protection
DZ-1008 Lamp Control for DZ-1000 & DZ-1002
DZ-1008 Isolated Rail Circuit - Dwarf
DZ-1008 Iso-rail Circuit - MTH Gate
DZ-1008 Switched Track Power Control - h
DZ-1000 Circuit
DZ-1000 & 1008 Circuit - MTH Dwarf
2 SmartSignals operating DZ-1008

Isolated Rail Operates DZ-1008 and MTH Crossing Gate
Station Stop and Release - Two-Track Operation
DZ-1011 & 1008 with Lionel Switch Tower
DZ-1010 - 12 Drive Wire Fix
DZ-1010 with Lionel Gateman
DZ-1010 Crossing gates - separated
DZ-1008 & DZ-1011 Indicator
DZ-1011 & DZ-1008 Crossover Protection

DZ-1040/50/60 indication of DZ-2500 position
DZ-1040/50/60 operated by Isolated Rail
DZ-1040/50/60 operating DZ-1008 Relay

DZ-1070s & MTH Cantilever Signal
DZ-1070 & 1008 Circuit - Lionel Mainline Crossing Gate
DZ-1070 & 1008 Circuit - 2-wire device
DZ-1070 & DZ-1008A Relay to operate MTH Pennsy signal
DZ-1075 Wiring for 2-wire block signal
DZ-1075 Circuit - Wiring for MTH Crossing Gate
DZ-1075 Appl for G-gauge signal
DZ-1075 w-mult-DZ1070- Two track
DZ-1075 & 3-wire Signal
DZ-1260 with DZ-1008 for Lionel Solenoid type water towers
DZ-1260 w-DZ-1008 to operate old style solenoid

Ross Ready 3-way with DZ-1000 for non-derailing
SmartSignals 2 operating DZ-1008 Relay DZ-1040/50/60 or DZ 1011

DZ-2500 Non-derailing Wiring Control/DZ-1008A for Signal bridge
DZ-2500 & 1008 Circuit - Wiring for Dwarf Signal
DZ-2500 & 1008 w-Dwarf signal to show switch position
DZ-2500 & 1008 alternate train co
DZ-2500 & 1008 w-(2) DZ-1075M alt train control opposite directions
DZ-2500 Non-derailing Wiring Control & DZ-1008 2-rail
DZ-2500 with DZ-1040/1050/1060 indicator
DZ-2500 with DCS 2-wire & DZ-1002
DZ-2500 under table mount
DZ-2500 Non-derailing & DZ-1008 Relay for MTH Dwarf Signal
DZ-2500 Non-derailing Wiring Control & DZ-1008A for Signal bridge
DZ-2500 with TMCC, Non-Derailing and Pushbutton

SmartSignals 2 operating DZ-1008 Relay DZ-1040/50/60 or DZ 1011
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