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DZ-1200 Passenger Station Announcement System

Gauge: Any

DZ-1200 Passenger Station Announcement System

The announcements are easy to set up - the system talks you through it!

Train time is a big event at stations equipped with this system. It uses your train names or numbers, plus the names of arrival and destination cities on your layout! Small barcodes placed under a baggage or passenger car automatically identify up to 16 different trains on two thru- or dead-end tracks. Unit senses each train's direction of travel to make appropriate announcements. Trains can be restarted manually or automatically with a built-in auto (timed) release. And since the unit is speed sensitive, fast express trains just roll by.

• Works with all scales
• Senses barcodes attached to baggage or passenger cars
• Allows announcements to be specific to your layout
• Stops train at station with manual or selectable release
• Handles thru and dead-end tracks
• Speed sensitive - fast trains are not stopped

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